Ethan Tong BOSA Founder Featured!

Beware of Sugar Association Founder Ethan Tong with Plano Magazine on October 7, 2020 The Founder of the Beware of Sugar Association, Ethan Tong, was recently featured in Plano Magazine! Ethan has been dedicated to promoting community health and is a strong advocate for healthy eating/living through related publications, outreach activities, and volunteering. He has twice received … Continue reading Ethan Tong BOSA Founder Featured!

Why go Sugar Free?

Webster defines freedom as the quality of being free in choice or action; liberation from slavery or from the power of another; as the quality of independence, and being released from something onerous. Words have power. Ponder these words for a moment: heavy, extra-large, cumbersome, hungry. Conversely, consider these words: light, small, agile, satiated. Going … Continue reading Why go Sugar Free?