BSA RestaurantsEating out has become a way of life for many people. Yet, restaurant foods are often super-sized, filled with added sugars, carbohydrates, chemicals, and artificial enhancements. If you must eat out, ditch the alcohol and choose tea or sparkling water. Split a meal with someone at your table. Stay away from fried foods and rich sauces. Check the side dish menu for smaller portions and roasted veggies. Pay attention to when you’re full and know when to leave the table.

Alternatively, the most naturally delicious and healthiest foodie op may be found at home. Research low-carbohydrate recipes and shop ahead of time for ingredient lists. Stock up on easy to prepare veggies and lean meats. Save time by chopping and marinating foods in advance. Make the most out of mealtimes by simply eating in!

Tip #4 Avoid Restaurant Foods

Many restaurants tend to add too much sugar, salts, oils, and other hidden ingredients to flavor their dishes. Portion sizes are often too large as well. Instead of visiting your favorite restaurant or ordering take-out, buy and cook your own food. This way, you will have control over what and how much you eat. However, restaurant visits are sometimes hard to avoid during business trips and social outings. If you must eat out, ask the chef for the ingredients in your order. Excerpted from 36 Tips for Easy and Sustainable Weight Loss.

Learn more about the effects of restaurant foods on the human body here:



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