IMG_5802In general, we think of all vegetables as healthy food choices, right? When letting go of weight, it’s important to realize that not all veggies are created equally in terms of carbohydrate count. Green veggies, with the exception of English Peas, are more nutritious with fewer carbohydrates. Live green and live lighter!

Tip #3 Avoid Starchy Vegetables

Starches are actually a source of carbs and should be avoided while trying to lose weight (see Tip #2). Be especially careful of starches found in vegetables. For comparison, one medium-sized potato (high starch vegetable) contains 25-35 grams of starch, while one cucumber (low starch vegetable) contains around 2.5 grams. That is more than ten times the amount of starch! Other high starch vegetables include corn, carrots, sweet potatoes, and yams. Go for low starch veggies instead. Excerpted from 36 Tips for Easy and Sustainable Weight Loss. 

Learn more about choosing low carbohydrate vegetables here:


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