Sugar FreedomLetting go of past diets, old habits, and beliefs will empower your path to weight loss. Add one simple strategy per week to discover what a healthy body really feels like. Sugar substitutes are just as harmful as the real thing. Accept this tip for a new you!

Tip #1: No Sugar Substitutes

While containing fewer calories, sugar substitutes are way sweeter, and just as dangerous, as real sugar. Eating sugar substitutes can lead to even more hunger cravings and increases the risk of weight gain. Sugar substitutes include sugar alcohols like xylitol and mannitol, and artificial sweeteners like saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose. So, next time, think twice about adding sweetener into your morning tea or coffee.

Excerpted from 36 Tips for Easy and Sustainable Weight Loss.

To learn more about sugar alternatives visit our November Blog post here:


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