It’s the New Year, a perfect time for a new start, a new you! For many people, the beginningIMG_5302 (1) of a new year is a motivational shot at having more energy, shedding excess pounds, and letting go of stress. So, how does one become a healthier version of oneself?

Studies have shown that more than 80% of New Year’s resolutions go unfulfilled. [1] With the best of intentions, most of us fall back into a pattern of living that leaves us less than happy. From a holistic perspective, the mind, body, and soul are one. When the body is unhealthy, the mind, and spirit also suffer. Keeping a New Year’s promise to get healthier requires a commitment to change.

Effective weight loss begins with the mind, a decision. [2] Eliminating sugar from the diet is a simple first step toward regaining nutritional equilibrium. Tools for success are essential. Stay simple and make small changes that together create a noticeable difference. Nurture your mind and spirit as natural sweetness replaces toxic sugars. Be patient with yourself, understanding that good health is an integral part of life’s journey. Lastly, if you missed out on making a healthy New Year’s resolution on January 1st, here’s another chance; the Chinese New Year begins on January 25th in 2020. Happy New Year, happy you!

Tips on Getting Started on the New Year/New You:

  • Decide. Change, in of itself, is inevitable. Healthy change begins with a decision.
  • Learn. Seek out tools to help you get started. Read the food labels. Stop buying products that contain added sugar. Score a copy of “36 Tips for Easy and Sustainable Weight Loss” available from Amazon in English, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese!
  • Move. Exercise recommendations vary according to age and overall health condition. In most cases, a 30 minute refreshing walk is enough to stimulate the metabolism and reduce stress. Tai Chi and non-competitive swimming are also gentle exercise options.
  • Release. Relaxation techniques, journaling, meditation, prayer, and mindfulness help to reduce stress, promote sleep, and enhance overall health.
  • Accept. Know that in order to cultivate health and wellbeing, change must occur. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. With time and patience, a healthier you is on the horizon.
  • Support. Care for your body, mind, and spirit with nurturing and nourishing. Let go of nonessential tasks and responsibilities. Sustain your spirituality with church or other religious services and practices. Seek out an online support network. Catch up on healthcare check-ups. Consider massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine as prescribed by a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Live. Life is a journey, an adventure. Live in the moment. Embrace the opportunities that are presented to you. Appreciate life’s blessings as each new day brings a healthier tomorrow.

[1] Why 80 Percent of New Year’s Resolutions Fail by  Joseph Luciani, US News and World Report, December 29, 2015,

[2] 5 Ways to Think Yourself Skinny: The Harvard Study That’ll Shock You by YOURTANGO, September 29, 2015,


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